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About Mike

Mike Croissant is a retired CIA officer, author, and humble student of history. He holds graduate degrees from Indiana University and Missouri State University and has published two books as well as journal articles about security issues in the former Soviet Union. Mike lives in Texas and, in his spare time, enjoys exercising, watching sports and sci-fi movies, and reading about World War II and ancient Greece and Rome.

Mike is also an avid practitioner of what he calls “full-contact history”—locating and exploring neglected historical sites. His travels have taken him to his uncle’s abandoned WWII air base in Italy, a German mortar pit overlooking Omaha Beach in Normandy, the remains of a fortress attributed to Alexander the Great in Uzbekistan, and many places in between. Mike comes away from each with dirt under his fingernails, dust on his shoes, and—most importantly—a renewed belief in the need to study history and pass on its lessons.

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