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Praise for Bombing Hitler's Hometown from those who were there:

“Your account is amazing and accurate. WOW!! I have a lot to learn.”

Staff Sergeant Achilles Kozakis, nose gunner, 451st Bomb Group

“Mike (Croissant) has achieved his goal of honoring his uncle and all the others who were on the mission.”

Second Lieutenant Dick Halliday, pilot, Second Bomb Group

“I must congratulate you on a magnificent job. You are getting close to obtaining the feel of a crew member on one of the B-17s that fateful day.”

Corporal Hal Millett, ball turret gunner, 99th Bomb Group

Praise for The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict:

“It is a well-written and well-organized survey of the history of the conflict . . . Croissant’s book is an excellent survey which will give readers unfamiliar with the Karabakh dispute a working knowledge of the major issues and players.”


“The book is written in a style pleasing to both historiographers and international relations area specialists alike. In a topic area often fraught with information distorted by the political sympathies of journalists and academics, Croissant is able to carefully extract the facts necessary to produce a detailed and theoretically sound account of a long-term and highly complex socio-political conflict.”

Terrorism & Political Violence

Praise for Oil and Geopolitics in the Caspian Sea Region,
co-edited with Bulent Aras:

“Overall, one of the best works on an area not well-known to Western audiences.”


“The book should be required reading for all serious analysts and observers of the Caspian Sea region.”

The International History Review

“A sophisticated synthesis of the various elements of the chronic rivalry and cooperation among nation-states, economic interests, and political leaders.”

Middle East Policy

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