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Coming full circle on my first radio interview for Bombing Hitler's Hometown

Dale Shebilsky in the service and after

I had the pleasure of talking to Paul Loeffler, the man behind Hometown Heroes Radio, on March 20, and the interview, my first for promoting Bombing Hitler's Hometown, went live today. I owe Paul, in part, for helping me find my way to the story told in the book. Early on in my research, I discovered Paul's 2010 interview with Dale Shebilsky, the 456th Bomb Group radio operator who features prominently in BHH. Dale's quiet, soft-spoken account of his horrible treatment at the hands of the Soviet Union following the Linz mission of April 25, 1945, shocked and angered me. Hearing Dale tell the story in his own voice left me curious to know more about what happened to him and to the other air crews that were shot down that day. I interviewed Dale once and was given access to his unpublished memoir, and now, thirteen years later, I am happy to be able to share his story with the world.

Thank you, Dale, for your service, and thank you, Paul, for honoring him and countless other American veterans on your show.


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